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Designer Pet ID-Tags (0 Products)

We stock over 40 types of Designer dog & cat tags which are every bit as unique as your pet.

They are strong, stylish & deeply engraved identification tags.

They are made from non rust material & are made to last. They also come with a strong brass split ring to attach to your pets collar.

Our Tags come in a variety of sizes perfect for Large to Medium sized dogs,Small Dogs or Puppies & our furry friends Cats.

*The importance of your pet having a pet-id tag.  

Control of dogs act 1992

Dogs must at all times wear a collar that bears the owners contact details inscribed on it or on a plate, badge or disc. Failure to have identification on a dog can result in an on-the-spot fine issued by a dog warden. Failure to pay this fine within a specific period can result in prosecution by the local authority.

****Haveing a pet id tag can result in your pet been returned quickly if lost reduceing stress both on you & your pet:)

 Free shipping on all pet id tags to Ireland & U.K

its a small price to pay for your pets safe return.

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